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“Pantsula, the so-called rebellion dance form that was created in 1950 or during the apartheid era in South Africa, in the east and the west side of Johannesburg.”


A while back, we presented “"GUMBOOTS" Through the eyes of Michael Moloi.” It was the first part of a series of short videos narrated by Michael Moloi about his life and experiences in various African dance forms.


After a long wait, we are pleased to introduce the second part!


“Pantsula, Through the Eyes of Michael Moloi”


In this short documentary, Michael Moloi tells us about this popular South African street dance form. From its difficult beginnings, to its importance in today's South African culture. He recounts the story of a dance that was 'at first' rejected by the community and the inspirations behind what created it and kept it alive.


“Pantsula dance was never a criminal or a thug dance, you know, this is how they used to look…”


Check out Michael Moloi profile or visit his website to learn more about him.







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