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Dear Youth

Dear Youth

They say that youth is wasted on the young.  Our elders try to open our eyes to the mistakes we're making.  Though I am still young there are countless times that I look back and wish I had known better, held my tongue.  Or even just to not be so hard on myself.  

I look at this poem and see all the things I used to be, angry, with the world and with myself.  I was so naive.  I feel we all were at one point.  But, the past is the past.  It cannot be changed.  And though I want to go in and change the wording of this poem, make the flow more relevant to me now, I understand that everything I did as a kid, all the mistakes I made, chances I took and people I hurt led me to the person I am today.  So here this poem will remain, unchanged.  An archive of equations, resulting in the answer of me.

This poem was inspired by the track list off of The Ghost's Inside second album "Returners".

Walking away from the world, traveling afar,

You will have to travel a greater distance to gaze upon on the stars.

With eyes wide open you read between the lines,

Through unspoken truths and overlooked lies.

As the chrono slowly winds,

The erosion of time tightens it's binds.

You're not getting older your just getting old,

And this inner conflict has long been foretold.

So you sit at the bar and waste away,

Counting every downbeat until that mournful day,

When the returner walks through those doors

And you know exactly what he is here for.

Your fate slips though the cracks,

As he stabs another knife through your back.

The truth is revealed and the temper ensues,

The only thing wrong within this world,

Is you.

-The Cloud Watcher-

Here is the track list:

-Walk away from the world 

-Greater Distance

-Between the lines




-The Conflict


-The Returner

-Through the Cracks

-Truth and Temper

Infinite beauty within the finite
It all starts somewhere

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Sunday, 18 March 2018
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