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Musical Mysteries and Faceless Legacies

Musical Mysteries and Faceless Legacies

​Today my Spotify crapped out on me.  I emailed the support team in destress that I had lost all my precious playlists and music, and they gave me a guest username and password while they figured out the problem with mine. 

Then something spectacular happened.  As soon as I logged in I was transported to a different world, like the room of requirements; filled with lost items and temporary feelings of music from people who were also given the same guest access. 

Holy crap, did I just become a music time traveler?  Jumping from when to when through the music time continuum; this archive of the struggles of not being able to serenade your steering wheel of blow your shower head's mind?

Then a question presented itself, what do I leave behind?  What will be my faceless anthem?  Forever anonymous with this other reality of lost rhythms.  Surfing upon waves of ballads and blues I deconstruct my thoughts to the sound of a piano.  Contemplating my addition, should it consist of something that represents me or something I think the next struggling stranger will want to hear?  Just to give them some hope that yes, one day it will be ok, your password will reset, your beloved music will return to you and life will become bearable again.  

This song, it has so much potential to have just the right impact upon the wavelengths of the unknown.!  It's added, my faceless legacy.  I can only hope that it's the right one, and that my contribution to the playlist of misfit songs will make the next listener question their very existence as I ever so fanatically do.

What's the song you ask?  Well where's the fun in that? That's the point silly, the impermanence, the unknowing. We are the faces lost in a crowd.  Silently standing out, raising our fists to a nonexistant cause.  be one of those, join us.  Those who have defied all that has been done before. be a musical rebel, a revolutionnaire.  Life goes on, Spotify's reset, but that doesn't mean you can't make an impact wherever you go, you never know if there's someone out there that's waiting for your song to walk into their life.

Rock on music lovers, knock em dead. 

-The Cloud Watcher-

Santa Monica Pilgrimage
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Sunday, 18 March 2018
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