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Is your Art good enough? Color between the lines!

Is your Art good enough? Color between the lines!
Photography: Janel Blanco-Jean-Bart

Every time I write, my small-self tries to sabotage my creative process. When the output of dancing becomes excessive on my form, I fall into my writing. When you invest so much of yourself physically, you absolutely need to re-balance your being by creating the perfect input.

For me,  writing is my primary go to therapy while reading nurtures this "input". I have no idea why I choose to read and write in English as my mother tongue is French. How frustrating it is to always second guess everything I write because my understanding of the English language came from my environment and not from academic studies. But in the same way I tamed my introverted and shy personality by becoming a dancer, I now dedicate a part of each day to the betterment of my writing. 

As a mother, I had to learn how to make time for "me" while raising these awesome children of mine. To succeed in attaining that sparkle of inspiration only to be called to duty can definitely cramp your style. The struggle between preserving my independence for the sole survival of my creativity and the embodying of the almighty vessel bred to nurture these children can snap that inspiration right out of you. What I learned is that surrendering to each moment brings even more clarity to these sudden insights. One moment you are spellbound by your Art and the next moment roused by the high-pitched voice of your child wanting to play Legos with you becomes the ultimate mind bender. "Me time" has to happen on the spur of the moment because I never know when inspiration is going to grab a hold of "me" next, but what I have discovered along the years is that sometimes getting torn out of contemplation heightens the experience of revelation. As I sit in that place watching my daughter build and destroy every Lego creation she makes I gaze at her own work of art, the pure kind of art, art without pretense, the highest of Art in my opinion. That is the true genius of children at play before they get tainted by us, the adults and our adopted conditioning often learned from our parents and the society we live in. "Is your Art good enough?", "Color between the lines!"


In these pictures above (first one - artist unknown, 2nd one - adandypunk, check out Wättssoul's article on Joel Sebastian and get lost in his world www.adandypunk.com), you can see that the artists are trying to express their inner truths, to create this they had to tap into the source. Do you feel controlled, are you standing in your own way, are you stuck in or out of the box?

There is also this third entity contending for our attention and keep us in that box. The internet. These social networks have a way to clasp their claws into your day to day. How do I disconnect? It's even harder when your work requires you to connect with the virtual world. This technology era is filled with disinformation and distractions that throw our emotional intelligence astray. As much as I hate getting sucked in this warped wormhole, one single status can reach through the virtual and affect my life in the most subtle way. It is time for me to bring it back to the basic, check in, walk to the gate, get onboard and turn off my device, so its signal doesn't get overridden by hundreds of other activated devices. We need to shut out part of our daily addictions in order to avoid becoming internet-selfies posting trolls desperately trying to show the world that we still exist. Writing this blog doesn't exclude me from the masses of course. We all have something to say, and hope our voices are heard, but the delivery needs to inspire, not create more vanity. So how do I create without pretense, without performing in order to get approval or a like? It is so hard to get back to simplicity. We might never be capable of integrating utter innocence again because the days inside the body and mind of a child are long gone, but we CAN choose whom we let in as  there are beings out there capable of resuscitating the child in us. It isn't until we develop a personal relationship to others outside of the virtual that we can truly measure and arouse the greatness of these childlike beings in each other.  

As I am writing this, my 4 year-old daughter Kiani is singing out loud;
"Let it go, let it go, to my heart, it's ok! Let it fly, let it fly like a chip in the air!". Hahaha! Truly brilliant! Don't you think?

So while I am engrossed in writing this blog, this child of mine reminds me that simplicity lives in her. 
To absorb her world and feel her words has never been more important. Her art IS brilliant, and let her please color outside the lines if that is what makes her happy!
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Friday, 22 June 2018
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