Las Vegas Locking Camp

Las Vegas Locking Camp news and updates is now a Wättssoul Ecosite is now a Wättssoul Ecosite

A new website!

Although our website looks almost exactly the same, is now a Wättssoul Ecosite. 

What does it mean? Our website is now connected to, and managed by the Wättssoul Platform. Our content (articles, blog, events, shop, etc) are created and synchronized directly from our Wättssoul account! It's easier to manage, and always connected with the Wättssoul community. Pretty cool! 

If you don't know what is the Wättssoul Platform, we encourage you to come check it out now, and discover everything you can do with it. 

By using the Wättssoul Event Manager to host our  event,  we will be able post quick updates, by sharing information, photos and videos on the fly. There is also a mini-Forum on the Las Vegas Locking Camp 2016 event page! Everyone can ask questions about the camp and organisation, and everyone can answer them. 

The only change for you; You'll have to register to the Wättssoul platform to be able to buy your ticket. It is a one time thing, it's free, and if you use the Facebook registration, it takes less than a minute... 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any issues or questions.

Las Vegas Locking Camp 2016

​Registrations are now open for the 2016 Las Vegas Locking Camp! It is our 10th year anniversary, so don't miss it, we're having a party... ;)

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Friday, 22 June 2018
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