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Santa Monica Pilgrimage

Santa Monica Pilgrimage

And here I sit, on the Santa Monica pier watching the sun as it chases the horizon.  The warmth of the sun fills my heart and I can't help but crack a smile.  There's something about this place, the people, the ocean that seems to make things just a little better.

Enjoying no one's company but my own, I can't help but feel almost vindicated.  Alone in a crowd, it's some powerful stuff.  Makes you feel small, like when you stand by the ocean.  How can something as enormous and vast and mysterious as an ocean exist?  It makes your problems seem minuscule in comparison.  Maybe that's why the locals of a beach town are so happy, their problems instantly loose ground as you stare out at the water.

With book in hand and mind wide open, I search through the depths of consciousness, as vast as the ocean, and the concepts of our sense of self.  From owning who we are to completely letting go of the self, we all have ways to justify this crazy thing called life.  Whether it's music, religion, superheroes or jedi's, we all have something we believe in.

I think what's so important is how individual it is, how individual everyone is, each and every soul on the planet experiences their time here differently.  It's beautiful, to literally stand alone in a crowd.  And I believe each journey should be respected.  But again, that's what I believe, not what you believe.  And if you don't believe me, believe me, that's quite alright. We should not spite each other because of our differences, but pride ourselves in our diversity.  The human race is pretty cool when you think about it, when you think about you.

Anywho, I am me. And you are you. How cool is that

-The Cloud Watcher-

I wrote this quite some time ago.  It's also been a while since I've posted, and I think I realized how much I've missed it.  This life can be exceptional when you think about it, and one can easily be distracted by the infinite forms of art that we use to describe mankind, our minds.  

It's good to be back 

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Sunday, 18 March 2018
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