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No doubt, I'm a clumsy writer! But this blog is not about literature and grammar, it is to share my artistic and professional experiences and projects; past and future. So I'll do my best to get better at it, but understand that its meaning goes far behind. (Ok this last sentence lost me too!)

Scrap skateboards = New coffee table!

Scrap skateboards = New coffee table!


What is the result of being surrounded by a diversity of creative individual? More creativity!!! And it is pretty much the Wättssoul concept.


Few weeks ago, Michael Moloi and I built the first Wättssoul coffee table!!



The idea started when my step son Jessy Jean-Bart, came from Montreal to visit us with his friends, all skateboarders. So after a week or two of seeing broken and old skateboards pilled up in the entry way, we told Michael, who builds amazing things from pretty much anything, that it would be cool to build something with the boards instead of trowing them away. He came back a few days later saying that we should build a table together. Here is a few pictures of the building process:



When it came to add the Wättssoul Logo in it, nothing went as expected! We didn't have what was needed to make it the way Michael imagined it; red inside and clear epoxy for a flat and smooth finish. So we found some white grout to fill the space and had the little epoxy we had for the finish. Unfortunately, the epoxy dried much faster than expected and didn't let us do what we wanted. Lesson learned for the next one...


We had a fun time building this table and we got also very inspired by it. Many new ideas and projects for the future! :)




Wättssoul is Changing!!

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Monday, 16 July 2018
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