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No doubt, I'm a clumsy writer! But this blog is not about literature and grammar, it is to share my artistic and professional experiences and projects; past and future. So I'll do my best to get better at it, but understand that its meaning goes far behind. (Ok this last sentence lost me too!)

Sneak peek at the Wättssoul Ecosites project

Sneak peek at the Wättssoul Ecosites project
Hi community. As you all know (or may not!) I'm the one who spend most of his free time developing and maintaining the Wättssoul Website. Today, I'd like to present a concept I've been working on for a while: Wättssoul Ecosites

Wättssoul Ecosite =  Wättssoul Ecosystem Website. 


Creating a Multi-sites system capable to share content and information between interconnected sites has been one of our objectives since the development of the Wättssoul Platform.

Our goal is to offer our users the possibility to create a personal or professional website that pulls their information and created content (blogs, articles, mediafolio, shop, community albums, etc) from the Wättssoul Platform ( Ecosites can have their own designs, own domain names, own contact forms, etc. The information would only need to be created once simplifying and speeding up online identity management.


The Challenges

The development of the Wättssoul Ecosites is challenging. The system underneath it is technically very difficult, which means it is also very expensive to create and maintain.

The websites created as of today were developed under a very rough foundation that isn't meant to become the final product, but they will help us test different approach.



The First Wättssoul Ecosites:

I made this one for my little sister who’s passionate about traveling, photography and humanitarian work. For the moment, her blog and community albums are synchronized with her website. When the Wättssoul Marketplace opens to all members, her shop will be added to the site as well. 

Check it out and learn more about her!  You probably realized that her site is half french half English! That's because it is based on the Wättssoul system but her content is in French. Yes! That's something else to work on!! :$


What are your thoughts?

As you know, the Wättssoul Platform doesn’t generate any revenue yet. The Wättssoul Ecosites won't be ready for the general public anytime soon, but we hope that you will be interested by its concept. If that is the case, we would love to hear from you. The more people show interest in it, the more likely we'll try to invest in it...

You can do so by leaving a comment, by sending us a note HERE or by posting on the FORUM.

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