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The Bad Girls Club YYC: Ballin’ out of control for gay, straight and everyone in between

Calgary, AB, January 24, 2015 — Did you miss last years ball? How could you? Honestly, you ought to be punished… If you did make it out, The Bad Girls Club YYC has to admit you did okay kids but this year, we’re asking for adults only.
Dicken’s Pub - 1000 9th Ave SW, Doors open at 9PM. If you didn’t get last year’s memo — advance tickets sell out quick. Like Calvin Klein’s runway the place will be packed. The first Ball had Cinderella in tears because even her fairy Godmother couldn’t get in.
What is a Vogue Ball? You should know by now… Honestly, if you must know, Vogue culture can be described as a smaller subculture within the LGBT community. The way a ball works is similar to the runways of fashion week and more cattier than a beauty pageant. If you’re thinking there’s a swimsuit category think again honey, this year we’re going X-rated. To commemorate the Bad Girls Clubs’ third year anniversary we have four frisky categories: Icons on the Runway, Bizarre, Sex Sirens and as always, Performance. If the judge doesn’t recognize you you’re not iconic; and if sirens aren’t going off then it’s more of a flat line so werk on your walk if you intend to tease this crowd.
Curious? So stop it already with Tinder. We urge you to come watch this xxxposé. We can promise that this titillating experience will leave you more than satisfied. After all, these Bad Girl’s are all about the giving.
The Bad Girls Club YYC
Out of the Closet Ball: XXXposé Ball
January 24, 2015
Dicken’s Pub - 1000, 9th Ave SW, Calgary, AB
Doors open at 9:00pm
Tickets in advance $15/$20 at the door - space is limited

Come out and kiki with us bad girls!!
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Tash on Monday, 19 January 2015 00:20

Nice Tony Tran!!!! ;)

Nice Tony Tran!!!! ;)
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