Handy "MonstaPop" Yacinthe "Symbiotic Monsters"

Jack Of All Trade Founder / Street Dancer


Wättsoul is a platform that supports talent and that longs to see growth and prosperity for the artist they encounter. My partner Venom and I were winners of Juste Debout Canada. This win included plane tickets to represent Canada in the international competition in Paris. Due to lack of funds of the JD Canadian organization, we were deprived of our prize but most importantly of our opportunity to represent the nation. Seeing this problem, Wättssoul out of goodwill approached us and offered to pay our travel expenses. What I've understood is that Wättssoul is a company that is focused on building and aiding artists in the path to success.








Alexandra "Spicey" Landé

Bust a Move Founder / President of Unkut Productions 


Very rarely do you come across a genuine and unique company like Wättssoul. It's a revolutionary and innovative approach to creativity: opening doors to infinite possibilities that will help artists reach their full potential. They are constantly pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking creating a whole new path for dancers and other artists alike. They are the key to our collective artistic symbiosis. To put it simply: Wättssoul is the future. BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!









Valerie Chartier "Taminator"

Founder of BuckSwans / Street Dancer


Since day 1, even though we don't live in the same country, the company Wättssoul is always there and ready to support my projects and my dreams related to dance. I also appreciate a lot the constant constructive discussions and communication between us. Furthermore, as an artist i'm really inspired by the Wättssoul leaders and mostly embrace the same vision and passion for my art. It's a real pleasure and honor to be part of this team.










Felipe "Chilli" Palestro

B-boy/ Street dancer 

«Wättssoul m'a donné un coup de main monumental afin de saisir le moment présent et de prendre en main le rêve de vivre notre art. Grace a leur appui et soutient incontestable j'ai fait connaissance d'une communauté, voir une famille, passionnée par le locking et a la recherche de son essence pure et véritable pendant trois jours inoubliables lors du Elite Locking Camp. Rencontrer les pionniers, les personnages marquants et les zélées de cet art provenant des quatres coins du monde c'est une expérience d'une valeur inouïe.»








Kevin "Treklock" Tremblay

Street Dancer / Locker


Street culture has so much to offer that often never sees the day of light. One of the reasons for that is the difficulty in getting organised together because there are very few, if any, legitimate associations for street artists. This is where Wättssoul steps in. By offering a free online networking platform, Wättssoul helps street artists connect and share in order to make our culture strive. Through this platform we can spread awareness of our own artistic projects among our peers, and we can link up with other artists and organisations in order to combine resources. Like the saying goes: “United we stand, divided we fall.” As a Wättssoul sponsee, I have had the chance to attend intensive workshops and competitions around the globe. I have also been fortunate enough to meet with Locking pioneers and legends, and even take private lessons with them. This is invaluable help in becoming a better dancer, and I owe it to Wättssoul for helping me through my artistic journey.