Getting Started with the Wättssoul Platform

Welcome to Wättssoul!

What is Wättssoul?


Wättssoul is a company dedicated to support and promote artists and artistic endeavors. The Wättssoul Platform is the vehicule. Learn more


What can you do with the Wättssoul platform?


In short, you'll be able to discover and connect with other artists, promote and sell your art, create events and groups, have your own blog and access our discussion forum.



Getting started

To register into a new site or community isn't usually difficult. But understanding its layout, features or how it works can be more challenging. To help you get familiar with your Community profile and its setup, we prepared a quick step by step that will go over the basics.








Let's start from the beginning with the registration. You have the choice between our regular registration where you will enter you basic information or our one click Facebook Sign-in which will automatically create an account using your Facebook information. 







NOTE: When sign-in with Facebook, an auto-posting feature is enabled. When you are writing a status post on Wättssoul, it is automatically posted on your Facebook timeline as well. You can disable it in your account setting.






My Street


A "Street" represents everything relating to a person. His profile, blog, shop, Mediafolio, etc. 


Once you have activated your account, you can start setting up your "Street".  When you login, a new "My Street" menu item will appear. From there you'll have direct access to most sections of the site from a user's perspective.










Site Navigation



The Wättssoul Platform is divided into multiple sections which offer different features. The main ones are; The Marketplace, Medifolios, Blogs, Events, Discussions and of course, all of them are connected by our community system.


When Jumping from a section to another, you'll realize that each one have its own toolbar and/or navigation sidebar which give you direct access to most its features. 





The Community 


The community is our feature-rich social network which allows you to connect and follow other members. It is the foundation of the Wättssoul Platform. Learn More







The Marketplace 



 The Marketplace is a multi-shop platform connected to the Wättssoul community that gives artists the possibility to open their own boutique and start selling their art. Learn More








Blogs give artists a way to express themselves and share their projects and experiences. Learn More










Mediafolios are professional media channels. They represent our members' best work and are use to promote their work to the professional world. Learn more









The Wättssoul Platform hosts a feature-rich event management system. Depending on your membership, you can also create free and paid tickets. Our system works with you to help manage everything and is seamlessly connected to the community. 









The Wättssoul platform has its own Discussion "Forum" Platform as well! Don't hesitate to start conversations. You may also use it if you have any questions regarding our website, to report issues. Learn More





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