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Pantsula! with Melly Mel and Michael Moloi
Working with talented and creative people is just… inspiring!!! A couple weeks ago, my friend Melissa “Melly Mel” Flerangile called me asking if I’d like to film a short Pantsula video. “Of course!...
0 Comments · Dance · Monday, 08 June 2015
Michael Moloi is Naledi Design

Inspired is how I feel every time I have a chance to look at Michael Moloi's creations.

Michael is a dear friend of mine and I can say that I feel lucky to have the chance to share the stage with him every night. I could go on and on about his talent as a Gumboots and Pantsula dancer, but today I want to reveal one of his other sides, Naledi Design.
0 Comments · Artisan Crafts · Wednesday, 19 February 2014
Scrap skateboards = New coffee table!


What is the result of being surrounded by a diversity of creative individual? More creativity!!! And it is pretty much the Wättssoul concept.


Few weeks ago, Michael Moloi and I built the first Wättssoul coffee table!!

0 Comments · Artisan Crafts · Thursday, 23 May 2013

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