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In the lab with Lockunity

How to foster more growth into the Locking Art form?

As an observer who happened to be passionate about Locking, I see that there is a big push in Canada. Of course, there are other communities around the world whose work I am not as familiar with that have inspired others to push Locking as well therefore I try to investigate and find creative ways to hear their stories.

This feature on LockUnity was important to me because I felt that it would help people create and grow more Locking communities around the world. To have mentors and teachers is crucial, but what about finding inspiring communities who follow a common goal, who walk a similar path, sometimes diverge from it when needed, but always know that they have each other’s back. A community that can share insights on how to collectively encourage its members to create, to share as they can also help you with your direction and build towards the future.

When I travel back home to Montreal, Canada for Festival Bust A Move every year, I always make it a point to stop by Urban-Element Zone just to take in the contagious vibe of the LockUnity collective. Before, when I’d get into town, I would receive a text message from Scramblelock saying “LockUnity practice tonight – 9pm” (every Tuesday.) Now we all get the FB notifications and the text 😉

Watching them get down is utterly transcending. They leave their heart on the floor, exchanging, pushing each other, supporting their differences, and yet fully exploring this Art together while building a strong unit. You can be from any parts of the world and they will extend an invitation for you to join them. I have seen pure magic happen in that room hence if you do plan a trip to Montreal in the near future, I greatly recommend that you join them!

When I think of LockUnity, I see many entities working together towards a common goal. I love the way everything seemed to be delegated without effort. They teach classes, organize workshops, get together to present their collective choreography any chance they get, and somehow find ways to complement each other’s busy work schedules, and use their skills and love for the Art to empower their community as well as having an impact on the scene worldwide.

I asked six of the LockUnity members an array of questions in hopes to pick their brains, and get as many answers as I could. Each dancer selected the answers they wanted to address, it is also important to emphasize that there are many more members part of this fascinating group. Interestingly enough, if you get to know them on a personal level, you would be amazed at the fact, and I say, “FACT” with an amused look on my face because these beautiful and passionate people are highly educated and career oriented individuals, who also happen to love Locking. Some have that scientific approach, while others prefer the abstract way. If you didn’t know them personally, you could also foresee who motivates the pack just by reading their answers, but ultimately “passion” remains a common trait and the driving element for this community (family) to strive. Find out what drives them, by understanding each one of their strengths, which in conclusion, makes them larger than life.

Enjoy the lab session!

Lockunity show at the Rialto – Montreal, Canada – June 19 2012
Lockunity – Summertime
Lockunity show at Chaos Unleashed

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