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As Lockunity what would you say are the 10 most important steps in building a Locking/or dance community?

Having a spot where you can set regular practices, having a core of people who dedicate more time to locking, being friendly with new comers, doing cyphers to exchange with lockers of all levels, having visibility (getting down in clubs, participating in battles, doing shows…) and, of course, for Mtl, having Scramble! Sorry only 6!

As individuals what has Locking done for you?

Locking has done a lot for me! It makes me canalize this extra energy I have into a mind elevating activity! Trying to understand locking in all its aspects makes me understand a lot of general life concepts too. And of course, locking keeps me in good shape!

As a collective how do you create your shows?

We usually get one person or two people to create the core and when these people show the choreos we work on details/change stuff all together to make it good for everyone. We also did one for which almost everyone did an 8 count and we built it like that!

Where do you see Locking in the future?

I see it being modeled by the actual societies (all around the world) and adapting to different types of music. I’m optimistic, and at the same time I know we have to work on it so locking doesn’t get lost in certain areas.

Is there one question or more relating to Locking history you feel hasn’t been clearly answered. If yes what is that question?

How do the OGs see the locking of our era? And how do they see it in the future?

What and who drives you to go session?

What drives me is the constant will to exchange with the other lockers and improve my dance feeling and moves. I’m pretty addicted to locking, if I don’t dance it enough I don’t feel good after a certain time! Also after all these years, LockUnity is a friend circle so I’m happy to see them at session!

What would you say is necessary as a beginner locker?

Not to stress when you don’t get the move or the groove, and on the opposite not to think you have it after 2 seconds and stop working on it! Just try to understand by looking at dancers and really see what makes them look like lockers! But in fact the most necessary is to feel the funk when you hear it!

What is necessary as a mature locker?

Travel and meet lockers from all generations, exchange! It depends of your background, but I think for me as I started with locking I have now to learn how to dance in general, really understand how to listen and feel the music. For really mature lockers, I think it’s necessary to share your knowledge to more beginner lockers.

Why do you think locking always brings the house down in jams and competitions, yet the locking worldwide is so slow to grow.

Hum… Hard question I’m often asking myself! I think part of it is because of the old fashion look it still has. A lot of people start dancing because they want to look cool and that’s okay, but that is not what locking generally projects for teens nowadays. I also think people don’t want to put that much effort into it, they think they will learn it fast but then they realize it can be long before you can throw a funky round that you’re proud about.

What is the biggest obstacle a locker faces when learning the Art?

One problem is that a lot of people tell you how they see locking and how much their way is the only way. It can be confusing at first! But later you realize that these different views are complementary and you end up with your own understanding of locking.

What is the selection criteria for anyone wanting to be part of Lockunity?

We do shows with the people who are often there at the practices. If people are available to perform a show and are willing to put the effort, they are welcome!

If you had a message for the creator and the pioneers what would you say?

Thank you for creating such a great dance! Locking connects people from different communities in a positive vibe. That is so important in life!

If you had a message for the new generation of lockers what would you say?


What is your motivation as a collective and as individuals ? What or who makes you want to get better?

My motivation is the feeling I have when I dance. I aim towards feeling the best I can while dancing and transmitting that feeling! Everybody in LockUnity motivates me, there is always something to grasp when sharing a cypher with people!

Anything you would like to express to the locking or dance community worldwide?

Don’t hate, enjoy! And thank you for posting videos; it’s fantastic to be able to see what’s happening all around the world!

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by people who dance with their heart and souls.

What other dance styles do you think can improve your locking dance Skills technically and artistically?

Any style. I really think any dance can help understand your body and help to be creative with it.

What helps you feed your creative juices?

Sharing with other dancers! Also watching videos of the different things happening in.

Favorite music or artist to get down to?

Funk, of course!! But it’s always good to get down on different stuff, it makes me explore different body motions and understand my dance better!

If you could go back in time… What year and date would you want to time travel to? (Why)

I would definitely like to go back into the 70’s in LA to feel the vibe!

Do you have another training regiment aside from dancing?

I train at home, some push ups and weights, but really not enough in my opinion!

Favorite jam, event or competition worldwide?

I have to say Bust a Move, really a yearly festival that we are all waiting for, it connects the whole MTL dance scene and brings people from around the world.

Any of you play any instruments?

Not now, but I’ve played a bit of drum in the past, bit of guitar, I love music!

What other styles do you excel at? Or any special skills people don’t know about you?

I excel in no other style. A special skill I have could be that I’m a physicist! This is where my name comes from (quantum mechanics)!

What other dance styles would you like to start learning?

Dance hall, Waacking, just to develop things that are really not natural to me!

If you could pick anyone’s brain for a whole day in this world, who would you choose?

What a question! I’ll have to say Don! Just to understand the true essence of locking!

How many sub-groups comes from Lockunity.. (Names)

Ingenious Lockers, Triforce, other people do stuff together but not sure if they have names for their groups!

Next on your Bucket list?

The next big thing is starting to teach a weekly locking class in Montreal!! 😀

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