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As Lockunity what would you say are the 10 most important steps in building a Locking/or dance community?

-Starts by you: become good at it –ask questions- take workshops-invest time- money

-Show up- Keep it constant

-Support the scene- the scene will support you

-Don’t force it on people

-Do shows -performances-battle just show that you’re active in the scene.

-Help newbies when they ask questions or go up to them to help them

-Accept that people will come in and out of it, don’t complain just keep on doing it.

-Get together- chill-eat-drink dance is more then that, it’s people, it’s social it’s life

-Build opportunities for yourself and others (teach, create events, invite special guests to inspired you and your scene.

-Keep it fun and funky.

As individuals what has Locking done for you?

Locking makes me happy, makes me meet really cool cats, made me become a better performer.

As a collective how do you create your shows?

We look at who’s available and the we determine a leader, so there’s no confusion in the creating process. We still all have our input, but the final decision is up to the leader of the project.

Where do you see Locking in the future?

I think it s a style that will still be around, and still one of the hardest dance style to understand.

What and who drives you to go session?

My peers and the upcoming dancers.

What would you say is necessary as a beginner locker?

Learn how to walk before learning anything else. I’m serious ! So many dancers can’t walk and bounce to music… It’s essential!

What is necessary as a mature locker?

Learn different bounces, vibes, polish your technique, rhythms, understand how to teach it to others.

Why do you think locking always brings the house down in jams and competitions, yet the locking worldwide is so slow to grow?

Because Locking is really dope when it’s well done and super HYPE. People don’t associate Locking to new music. It’s up to the us (Lockers) and the DJs to educate the crowd by showing that Locking is a forever young and attractive dance.

What is the biggest obstacle a locker faces when learning the Art?

Get rid of habits, hit a plateau, injuries.

What is the selection criteria for anyone wanting to be part of Lockunity?

The desire to learn and share Locking.

If you had a message for the creator and the pioneers what would you say?

Thank you for believing in your style and your persistence to share show and still be passionate about it.

If you had a message for the new generation of lockers what would you say?

Keep it funky and social. Before being competitive, do it because it’s fun.

How did Triforce come about?

We were the leaders of scene and we wanted to give a name to our association.

Anything you would like to express to the locking or dance community worldwide?

It’s always about sharing and having fun.

Who or what inspires you?

Singers and musicians in general.

What other dance styles do you think can improve your locking dance Skills technically and artistically?

Any dance styles can help you improve. Learning different body movement is always good for you.

What helps you feed your creative juices?


Favorite music or artist to get down to?

PRINCE – Morris Day and the time

If you could go back in time… What year and date would you want to time travel to? (Why)

I wouldn’t need to… I wouldn’t want to change the course of history. My present is perfect as it is.

Favorite jam, event or competition worldwide?

HotMess Waacking Battle, The Chosen

Any of you play any instruments?

I started learning Harmonica.

What other styles do you excel at? Or any special skills people don’t know about you?

Lindy hop, cooking, learning harmonica…

What other dance styles would you like to start learning.


If you could pick anyone’s brain for a whole day in this world, who would you choose?


How many sub-groups comes from Lockunity.. (Names)

Triforce -Ingenious Lockers –TrekTrekBoom –

Next on your Bucket list?

Create a new piece involving Poppers and Lockers. 😀 !

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